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RoyalPay is an auto-staking and auto-compounding decentralised protocol, providing investors with an annual yield of 1429.13%.

The contract uses an anti-dump shield to protect your investment and the sustainability of the protocol. The ultimate safeguard against pump and dumps.

Our forefront is to maintain a sustainable rewards model, whilst also providing investors with trust. Utilities will further build the $ROYAL ecosystem and provide inherent value.


The functions of RoyalPay:
Automatic APY of 1429.13% Sent Directly to Holders Every 30 Minutes
Anti-Dump Shield to protect chart growth. Investors can sell between 1 and 5% per day. This is manually adjusted depending on price movement.
Thick Liquidity Pool Grows with Every Transaction.
Wallet to wallet transfers are disabled so no one can bypass the anti-dump system.


The taxes of our contract.
Token Name
Token Symbol
Contract Address




The utilities and strategy for Royalty Finance.
PHASE 01 - Prelaunch
  • Website Development
  • Discord setup
  • Conduct Private Sale
  • Social Media Setup
  • Create KOL Networks
  • 600+ Article Publications
  • CertiK Audit and KYC Submission
  • DApp Development
  • Telegram Marketing Campaign
  • YouTube Marketing Campaign
  • TikTok Marketing Campaign
  • Twitter Marketing Campaign
  • Community Interaction Competitions
  • 30+ AMA's in Crypto Communities
  • Deploy Contract
  • CertiK Completion
  • Host Presale
  • PHASE 02 - Launch
  • PancakeSwap Listing
  • 5 Year Liquidity Lock
  • CoinGecko Application
  • CoinMarketCap Application
  • CertiK Skynet Activation
  • Vigorous Social Media Promotions
  • Widespread YouTube Campaign
  • Banner Advertisements
  • Further News Publications and Interviews
  • Unique NFT Integration
  • Exchange Partnerships
  • Launchpad Development
  • Public Doxing Event
  • PHASE 03 - Beyond
  • Launchpad Release
  • Top 10 CEX Listing
  • Royalty DEX Platform
  • Merchandise Release
  • Become an Industry Leading Protocol in DeFi
  • Development of New Utilities to Grow the Ecosystem
  • Team

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